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Dongbu, An Excellent Global Company

The Dongbu Group began on January 24, 1969 as Miryung Construction (currently as Dongbu Corporation) was founded on a start-up budget of 25million KRW with two employees only.

The company, in the earlier 1970s, had become the leading Korean company to make a stride into a construction market in the Middle East only to achieve a remarkable success, and with the success, the company had, in the 1980s, pushed forward its business projects in strategic and planning manners, laying the framework for what the Dongbu Group takes shape today.

With the full profits earned from it business projects in foreign markets, Dongbu invested it in the national infrastructure industries including steel, fertilizer, construction, logistics, and finance. The company made its own drama showing a gradual growth starting from having most subsidies with newly acquired license or the establishment of a new subsidy to a bottom-up expansion of its business item category. In addition, it took over an insolvent business to transform into a blue-chip company with large-scale investment and through business rationalization.

Dongbu entered into the top 20 ranks in 1990, and then made its standing on the top 10 conglomerates in 2000. (Published by the Fair Trade Commission) It marked a monumental success after overcoming the disadvantage as a late comer who was 30 to 40 years behind the first generation of Korean conglomerates.

The Dongbu's 5 businesses have taken their firm stance as locally representative companies in the corresponding industries and sectors, and by securing future new growth engines, most of which include eco-friendly cutting edge industries with future green electricity such as steel, advanced materials, seeds, biotechnology, healthcare, foreign plantations, forestry, general electronics, system semiconductors, robots, LED, green power, environmental plants, and developer, it is now jumping up toward the 2010s.